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  1. would like to hear from anybody than was in con thien on may 8 1967 I was on the squad that when to help delta co. i think most of the men died ,i was with a/1/4 cpl green was my team leader

    • Have you ever talked with a Marine named Tag Guthrie? He was there on the 8th of May. We’ve been having reunions for 15 years. Are you in touch with Larry Bosko? Let me know if you need more info on any of this, especially the reunion info. Semper Fi

  2. My name is James A. Greenough, I was Delta 1/4 senior Corpsman from late Nov. 1966 until 11 June 1967. Does anyone know where HM2 Doc Roger Hawkins is? He was A/1/4 senior corpsman from Nov 1966 until after I returned to CONUS, 11 June 1967!! I was D/1/4 senior corpsman and we both reported to 1/4 on the same day shortly after Thanksgiving 1966 at Phu Bai!! My phone # (928) 308-0656, my address is 1791 W. Escondido Trail, Chino Valley, Arizona, 86323. E-MAIL ADDRESS hmcgreenough@live.com

  3. I am looking for HM2 Roger Hawkins, he was senior company corpsman of I/3/3, in July 1966. G/2/26 relieved his position in the outer perimeter of Da Nang in early July 1966. I was the senior corpsman with G/2/26 at that time. We both were transferred to 1/4 a few days after thanksgiving 1966 and reported into 1/4 together. He became senior corpsman for A/1/4 and I senior corpsman for D/1/4. My cell phone is (928) 308-0656 I would like to get in touch with him! Anyone with info on him, please call!!

  4. I was with C 1/4 from September 67 to February 68 when I went to 3 CAG. I can only remember 2 names from then L/Cpl Parker (fire team Leader) and Ronald (RAT) A Tingley. We were at Phu Bai, Gio Lihn, The washout, and all along the DMZ

  5. I am looking for a Randy Kock or Parnell Borge who were to 1/4 in 29 palms, CA later they were sent to Hawaii

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