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  1. would like to hear from anybody than was in con thien on may 8 1967 I was on the squad that when to help delta co. i think most of the men died ,i was with a/1/4 cpl green was my team leader

  2. My name is James A. Greenough, I was Delta 1/4 senior Corpsman from late Nov. 1966 until 11 June 1967. Does anyone know where HM2 Doc Roger Hawkins is? He was A/1/4 senior corpsman from Nov 1966 until after I returned to CONUS, 11 June 1967!! I was D/1/4 senior corpsman and we both reported to 1/4 on the same day shortly after Thanksgiving 1966 at Phu Bai!! My phone # (928) 308-0656, my address is 1791 W. Escondido Trail, Chino Valley, Arizona, 86323. E-MAIL ADDRESS hmcgreenough@live.com

  3. I am looking for HM2 Roger Hawkins, he was senior company corpsman of I/3/3, in July 1966. G/2/26 relieved his position in the outer perimeter of Da Nang in early July 1966. I was the senior corpsman with G/2/26 at that time. We both were transferred to 1/4 a few days after thanksgiving 1966 and reported into 1/4 together. He became senior corpsman for A/1/4 and I senior corpsman for D/1/4. My cell phone is (928) 308-0656 I would like to get in touch with him! Anyone with info on him, please call!!

  4. I was with C 1/4 from September 67 to February 68 when I went to 3 CAG. I can only remember 2 names from then L/Cpl Parker (fire team Leader) and Ronald (RAT) A Tingley. We were at Phu Bai, Gio Lihn, The washout, and all along the DMZ

  5. I am looking for a Randy Kock or Parnell Borge who were to 1/4 in 29 palms, CA later they were sent to Hawaii

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