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  1. would like to hear from anybody than was in con thien on may 8 1967 I was on the squad that when to help delta co. i think most of the men died ,i was with a/1/4 cpl green was my team leader

    • Have you ever talked with a Marine named Tag Guthrie? He was there on the 8th of May. We’ve been having reunions for 15 years. Are you in touch with Larry Bosko? Let me know if you need more info on any of this, especially the reunion info. Semper Fi

    • Marine,
      Tag Guthrie here what do you need to know about that that fable night. Do you still reside in Austin TX? I know you were wounded on the 23 of March when you went with Third Plt to rescue/retrieve the downed Helo. I will be in Schertz on 6 April 2016. I will provide you as much information as you want to know. in fact I will have one marine you will meet that was wounded with you.

      I can put you in contact with the Amtrac commander and a couple of Marines who did survive that night. In fact I will have a couple of Marines with me who was there. In fact I am visiting four other Marines who was there at Con Thien. I was not there that night because I was on R & R.

      I am on the road for two weeks starting 10 Jan 2016
      Send me you phone number and I will contact you

      Tag Guthrie Capt. Retired USMC

    • Antonio,
      I Jim Amendolia, Weapons Platoon Commander and later Platoon Commander 2nd Rifle platoon. I was there with you just before you were medically evacuated, your were sitting on a box of some type and still bleeding. You are right, most of the men in the two amtracs were killed. Two, Sgt Amos and Cpl Leija died of wounds before reaching medical attention. Also remember picking up Cpl Green’s body. I always wondered what happened to you since I saw you the following morning. I am very happy that you made it out of there and still living today.

      I remember the night well like a nightmare that has stuck with me for 50 years. Shortly after the 8th we lost a lot more men incluting Lt Roach, Capt Corcoran, Lt Lamson, PFC Del Ray Jocobs, Cpl Kreh, the list is very long. A Company suffered 20 KIA that night. I have lost touch with most of the guys but did hear about Sgt Alverez who was one of my squad leaders.
      My email address is jimamendolia@gmail.com and would love to hear from you.


  2. My name is James A. Greenough, I was Delta 1/4 senior Corpsman from late Nov. 1966 until 11 June 1967. Does anyone know where HM2 Doc Roger Hawkins is? He was A/1/4 senior corpsman from Nov 1966 until after I returned to CONUS, 11 June 1967!! I was D/1/4 senior corpsman and we both reported to 1/4 on the same day shortly after Thanksgiving 1966 at Phu Bai!! My phone # (928) 308-0656, my address is 1791 W. Escondido Trail, Chino Valley, Arizona, 86323. E-MAIL ADDRESS hmcgreenough@live.com

  3. I am looking for HM2 Roger Hawkins, he was senior company corpsman of I/3/3, in July 1966. G/2/26 relieved his position in the outer perimeter of Da Nang in early July 1966. I was the senior corpsman with G/2/26 at that time. We both were transferred to 1/4 a few days after thanksgiving 1966 and reported into 1/4 together. He became senior corpsman for A/1/4 and I senior corpsman for D/1/4. My cell phone is (928) 308-0656 I would like to get in touch with him! Anyone with info on him, please call!!

    • HM3 Herbert Anderson..(Mobile, Alabama) I was there on 5/8/67 and was slightly wounded. I remember Hawkins well. I was like #2 corpsman under him I was in A 1/4 !st Platoon. I also remember Sgt.s Amos and Collin. Amos was one of those killed in the Amtrac trying to relieve Delta Co. on 5/8/67

  4. I was with C 1/4 from September 67 to February 68 when I went to 3 CAG. I can only remember 2 names from then L/Cpl Parker (fire team Leader) and Ronald (RAT) A Tingley. We were at Phu Bai, Gio Lihn, The washout, and all along the DMZ

    • You need to contact Byron Moore. He is the un-official historian for Charlie Co. Get in touch with me, and I’ll give you his contact info.

  5. I am looking for a Randy Kock or Parnell Borge who were to 1/4 in 29 palms, CA later they were sent to Hawaii

    • I was also in the amtrac and was hit by explosive projectile, assume a recoilless round. We were outside the perimeter and not aware of this until I released the front hatch. We to refuge under a twin-fourty and the amtrac. Eventually we worked our way over wire.

      Ralph Mckay

  6. interesting to see the pictures…on page 6 titled Hill 69 Robbie and some Docs…I was one of them A1/4 2nd plt …on right me” doc speed ” jim rittman next in the middle
    Denny Gardner,fellow squatting I don’t know nor the fellow shirtless on the far left.
    Appreciate your work..believe it was in 1966..before we went to Phu Bai…etc.Hope your around to get this message..God Bless..Doc.

    • Jim, were you on Hill 69 around Feb. 26, 1966 when the platoon at the bottom of the hill was attacked? If so, we have something in common. I was C-1-4. My platoon was Battalion Reserve that night. We humped in from the highway and reinforced the platoon that night. After the mortars and RR’s there were 3 marines wounded, and the Lt. was KIA. In the morning we pulled about 20+ dead VC out of the paddies and wire. After daylight we humped up that trail to just below CP on top of Hill 69, You guys put up quite a roar when you saw us. Would like to hear from you- Semper Fi

  7. My name is Larry Whiteside. For any guys coming aboard the assoc. I was at Con Thien in Alpha Co 1/4 about May 6th 1967. I remember the Amtracts. I also remember getting over run. My hole was about 4 or 5 ft away from the Duster that was opened up like a can. I was green as hell. SSgt. Britt was our Platoon Sgt. Cpl. Dan Sword was my squad leader at the time. I’ve met some of the guys at a couple reunions at Charleston SC. and Branson Mo. I’ve had a note from some Marines in Ohio who were in Alpha 1/4. My e-mail address is larry.whiteside@att.net and my phone number is 502-367-6999. I didn’t make the last reunion to Texas been having trouble with legs etc. Fighting the VA Semper Fi. Doc Carl Pulley was our corpsman. He took a bullit out of my back and we went to Japan on R&R.

    • Hey Larry,
      My name is Herbert Anderson. I live in Mobile, Alabama. I was a corpsman with Alpha 1/4 at Con Thien on the night of 5/8/67. Yall called me “Doc Hard” because on top of being a corpsman, I carried all the weapons I could and considered myself just another grunt until some called corpsman. I remember Sgt. Britt well, he was a big, chiseled, black dude. I don’t remember if it was before or after 5/8/67 I was on a night ambush with Britt when we got hit. Britt took a round through his mouth that took out some teeth and a little bit of his toung. I had a hell of a time stopping the copious bleeding. I remember stand over him, holding a flash light up for the medivac chopper (we had 2 others wounded) with NVA rounds whizzing past my head. I also remember that one of our guys who was in the Amtract that took the RPG round that killed most on board, on 5/8/67, that was trying to reinforce Delta Co., was a Sgt. Amos, from Atmore, Alabama. He never got out of the burning Amtrac.

      • Hey Doc,
        I remember SSgt Britt. When I got off a chopper from Dongha there was this great big black dude standing there and said find a hole son. Welcome to Coin Thien. They were getting mortars and rockets in. That will always stick in my mind. It was time to grow a pair and pay attention. Some never liked Dan Sword but he was a Marine who taught you how to stay alive.

  8. MY name Bolden, I was in A 1/4, third squad, first fire team from July 68 to March 29, 69. would like info. Have to start some were.

    • Hello Dan, Semper Fi! I was with A Co from April 68 till April 69. Do you remember Pete, or Abner Baird, or Ralph Robinson, or David Proctor, Roscoe Scott, Mahoney, Red Carlton. I went by Clem my name is Rodger Clemons. You should get in touch, I am sitting right now, with a room full of Marines from Alpha Co for our 16th reunion. Most of the guys are from 1968 and 69 a few from 67. If you’d like more info get in touch. Welcome home brother, Semper Fi! Clem

    • Dan,
      Rich Plummer here A1/4 June 68 to July 69. I was in 1st Plt, 1st Sq. I was a fire team member then Sq leader then an acting 1st Plt, Plt Sgt. I do not remember you. Were you in 3nd Plt?

  9. To start Hello, Semper Fi ! My name is Dan Bolden I’ve been in some groups in the past. And they blame the Marine Corps for there problems. The Corp is my family, and home. The Marine is not the problem. I kept to my fire team, The names I remember are Rat, Angel and Womak he was the gun squad leader. Humm ? he was from Samoa. I’ve heard your name . My memory is slow have to jog it. Heard about the reunion too late to go. Like more info Semper Fi ! Dan

    • Dan, I’ll get you name to Larry Bosko. Larry was in weapons during our time in Alpha Co. He keeps the mailing lists and such for our group. I’ll ask him to include you. Do you have a regular e-mail address? Mine is rdclem49@yahoo.com. We just finished our 16th reunion here in Norman Ok. It turned out real good, even though the turnout was a bit small this year. We played some golf, had some great chow, drank a lot, some had other forms of “entertainment”, and all in all had a great time. We decided on Nashville, Tn for next year. I think the dates have been decided on, but I’d just be guessing now. I will find out though and get them to you. This is a group of just Alpha Co Marines. Mostly we are from 68 and 69. We have a couple of guys that were there in 67, I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone from 66. Anyway if you’ll get me your e-mail I’ll get you on the mailing list, and you’ll get the dope straight from the horses mouth next time. Semper Fi Brother, happy to have found another A Co. member. Later.. Clem

      • I was in Alpha from Dec 65′ till Jan 67′. We left Nam somewhere around Nov of 66 and headed for Oki because we really needed to rebuild and restrengthen. Since I was short they transfer me to some short time platoon to break in the newbees on their way back with Alpha.

        • I was in Alpha Co. from Dec.65 ’til I got wounded in Cam Lo on Aug 26 66 when I was med evaced to Da Nang and finally to the Naval Hosp.in Portsmouth VA.I was with a Higgins but don’t remember the first name since all we used was the last one.I plan on attending the one in Oct in French Lick as well as Narcie Pullido.This will be my first one.Semper Fi to all on this site and thank you all for your service and sacrifice !.Irish as I was called.

    • Bobby Horton was in 2nd squad, 2nd platoon, remember Angel (got hit after we pulled back to set in for the night after fire fight) Womak became squad leader of guns after Humm extended (I think) and put up to company command. Remember Tattoo, Lee and Shorty was in guns, Bobby Dees was my best friend. Hippie, Sanchez, Stevens was in my squad to name a few I remember names. Dan did you get hit in fire fight on Purple Martin??

    • Dan my name is Bobby Horton, I was in 2nd plt. 2nd squad I remember Humm (not sure of spelling) also Rat, (Angel got hit on operation Purple Martin) Womack, Shorty and think Lee was in guns. My best friend was Bobby Dees. Remember Clem was in Dees squad. I carried radio for Sgt Evens for a while and in CP with Don Glass who was KIA on hill 1154 the 2nd time we went back down. If you remember e-mail me at bobby6043@att.net would like to hear from you.

      • Semper Fi Bobby! Please get in touch with me at rdclem49@yahoo.com. We, members of Alpha Co. have been having reunions for 16 years now, we just had our 16th here in Norman Okla. I remember that night on 1154 real well, as do many of the Marines at our reunion. The short round that Killed Sgt. Ski and our 60mm mortar squad when we went into the valley on the March 25. His daughter, the one that had just been born, comes to the reunions. We’d love to have you and Dan Horton come. I sent Dan my e-mail but so far I’ve not heard from him. It’s been great getting to be with so many fine Marines of A 1/4, I’m sure you would feel right at home, we all do. Please contact me!!!

    • Hey Dan. This is Dean Carter, Woody, I was in Umu squad along with Angel, Rat and Womack. We also had Ron Catalano, CAT. It would be good to see you. Give me your email or FB. I have a list of everyone that was in the squad during December to April 68

      • A1/4 68-79
        Ron Catalano
        Most of Nam is a Puzzle I’ve been putting pieces together for 50 years…
        I do remember every detail of purple martin.
        because Dean WOODY Carter and myself were so short we should have been in the rear getting ready for the world…
        What a way to say good bye to Nam and my Brothers…
        I guess it was all written before we were even born….
        Semper fi.

  10. If anyone who knew PFC Rudolph Andrade could please email me. He was in Chu-Lai. His wife had a house fire and lost all of his photos and the only thing that survived was 4 medals. He was part of the 1st Battalion 4th Marines. This is all she can remember. He was in from June 64-March 67. Not sure if it was service time or in Vietnam. I am the neighbor and am trying any way I can to get at least one photo. Please email me at savo16@hotmail.com…..thank you

  11. The records show that Andrade served in Vietnam 65/66 and wounded (WIA) once 5 Feb 66. He was assigned to the Delta Company. Your post will be on the web site today, send another post stating Andrade was with Delta Co in Vietnam 66/67 and requesting help from anyone from Delta Co 66/67 who may have known or served with him.

    Can any one from his unit please let me know if you have any photos with him in it….please email me…savo16@hotmail.com Thank you

  12. this is Jim, it was my Brother Robert Castelot who was in the Marines… he was in Jan 68 to June 68 and died June 11th 68. I have been told the platoon was attacked and many died,

    • Hello James, I was on FB Torch the night A Co was attacked. I did not know your brother personally, but I know some who undoubtedly did. You can contact me at rdclem49@icloud.com or rdclem49@yahoo.com. It was a hell of a night, we lost some great Marines that night and the next day. Hope to hear from you.

  13. “B” Btty 1st Bn 44th Arty (SPAW) fought @ Con Thorn. They had multiple M- 42 twin 40 MM. There wasn’t a base where grunts were that 1st of the 44th wasn’t. Our home base was DONG Ha. We arrived 10/66 there.
    J.J.CARROL WAS A MEMBER OF THE 1ST OF THE 1ST OF THE 44TH .WE ALSO HAD QUAD 50’S with our 4 batteries. We fought along side these Marines with our automatic weapons & bŕought heavy fire power through out the fire bases on the DMZ.

    • JJ Carroll was a Marine Capt. killed by a short round from a Marine tank while assaulting Hill 484, Awarded the Navy Cross.
      When my unit went to what became Camp Carroll, we were the first unit, along with one more Marine artillery battery and a company of Marine grunts. When you guys arrived, you were welcomed and thought highly of.

  14. Hello. My name is John Ruble. I was with Alpha Co from Dec 68 to Nov 69. Remember the names of Hippie (from CA), Sanchez, and Sgt Augden (Auggie Dog). He gave me the name JoJo. I helped carry Glass when he was hit. Remember command calling in Spooky and lighting up the area around us. I’m terrible remembering names but do remember faces. All pictures I had were stolen shortly after I got home. I can be reached at IFD112@sbcglobal.net.

  15. Hello my name is Damon Cappy my dad was in Alpha Company in Vietnam from October 10, 1966 through June 20, 1967, his name was Michael Cappy. Does anyone know of him or have any information about his time there. He passed in 1986 when I was 12, I never did get to know much about his time in Vietnam. Thank you

    • Hi Damon, I was with Alpha Co a little after your father was there, I got there in April of 68. I’ll get your message to some guys that might know him though. You would be welcome and an honored guest at our annual reunions. We have had 17 so far and they are of great help to us Vets, the surviving family members, and friends of A Co. If you don’t mind I get your name to the guy that coordinates all our info, he will get you on our mailing list. You can contact me at rdclem49@icloud.com if you’d like to. Best wishes!

    • Damon my name is Tag guthrie, I was in the same Platoon with your father and I can put you in touch with other marines/.

      Marines who were in the same squad as your father. Bob Frederick from Port Clinton Oh, Ralph Puchalski from Welland Ontario Canada, Lenny Guidotti from port Orange, FL. I can give you four more names. Most of these guys are in their 70’s those who did not die in Vietnam have passed away since they left the Marine Corps and I can name about 16 pf them and three more do not want to be contacted and the rest I have lost contact with.

      • Hi Tag, that would be great.
        Being a Marine and serving in Vietnam was a huge part of his life that I know hardly anything about. Talking to men that served w him during late 66 to 67 would Very interesting and would help me know my dad better.

        Thanks Damon Cappy
        Ph 812-340-4768
        Email damon.cappy@hotmail.com

  16. Hi Tag that would be great! I tried to reply yesterday but not sure if it went through?

    I would like to talk to anyone that served with him oct 66 to June 67. Don’t know anything but a small bit of a story about him being hit in arm from mortar and one of you guys dragging him down a trail ? My e mail is damon.cappy@hotmail.com and cell is 812-340-4768.
    Thanks Damon Cappy

  17. Hello, Dean Carter
    This is Dan Bolden my email is boldendan@msn,com
    I remember the names. Have some pictures don’t know how to post then .Remember Catalano when he joined the unit he wore small rectangular
    sun glasses

  18. Gentlemen
    This e-mail was forwarded to me and I can provide you with answers to any of your questions. I was with 1/4 from June of 66 to Aug 67 and I maintained a journal and
    I was able to continue this journal because I was able to get a hold of the unit Diaries of the battalion.
    I can answer questions about the operation and where you were on the map and I can provide you a map. I can provide who were you company commanders. were and who was wounded with you that day. Tag Guthrie

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