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  1. “Charlie – Photos and Videos | 1st Battalion 4th Marines Association” really got myself hooked with ur web page!
    I personally definitely will be back much more frequently.
    Thanks -Franklyn

  2. Hi ,Long time since the Nam (1967) .I was a machine gunner (weapons platoon). I joined Charlie Co in Okinawa in Nov 66.We sailed to the Phillippenes for BLT operations during the month of Feb.Our last landing was Operation Beacon Hill in the DMZ. It was pretty tough.We fought from Gio Lin to Con Thien. Their were many operations during the year.My last big one was Operation Granite. During my tour we lost good Marines but we kicked much NVA ass.To this day I don’t know how I survived. I guess it was the good Lord and good Marines around me. I think about it everyday(50years) but it seems like yesterday.God bless all who are still living.

    • Just read your Email. I was a corporal with Charlie Company. It was my 2nd tour in Nam. We we were operating around the mountains in, on or near the DMZ. We walked into an NVA ambush. I was struck twice by gunfire. As with you I live with those thoughts daily. Last year some 12 men in my squad had a small reunion in Vagas. What a great time. Stories were told that I had since forgot. But we have decided to meet every other year at some other part of the country. I would love to have some of your in country pictures since most of mine were lost in a empty returned sea bag. In advance- thanks for considering. Sgt. Jim Feagler USMC 1964-1969

  3. my father CHARLES E. CARROLL served with 1st Bn 4th MAR 3rd mar div, Charlie co. VIETNAM 1967. sadly he past away Jan 29th,2016. he was laid to rest in fort bassinger cemetary, Okeechobee, Florida. I know he had many BROTHERS whom he served and bled with, and he was proud of his service and the BROTHERS he served with, as are his children. THANK YOU ALL!!!!! Charles S. Carroll

  4. i knew donny heylin who served in charley 1-4 i know he knew larry douglas ect he was from norwood mass.= passed away there””he did annother tour in the “”NAM”” semper_ fi richy mccolgan

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