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    • Just wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. I was with delta 1st Val 4th marine in name was on the loon got in country may 26 1968

  1. my father was George R Hoffman, he was in weapons. he passed away in 1988. I would like to talk to any one that knew him

    Michael Hoffman

    • I knew you Dad,
      He was a machine gunner in 2nd Platoon, Delta Co. He was a short guy, but tough and very reliable. He had a permanent 5 o’clock shadow. He could shave in the morning and within the hour, it would start growing back.
      Most of our gunners were your Dad’s size. Humping the big M-60 around the jungle made them mean. He was one of a two gunners in my squad and both were good.
      Sorry to hear about his passing. I would liked to have seen him again.

  2. Does anyone remember Ben Kenison, 2nd Plt, Delta. His brother, Jim, and I (cousin) would like to stop by the reunion and talk to marines who knew him. KIA 9/16/66.
    Navy Cross recipient. I’m a Delta 1/1 Marine.

    R. Natt King

  3. My thanks to Thomas Puskarich Delta Company 1st battalion 4th Marines 3rd Marine Division for posting all those photos. Great job on all you did. Can’t say how many memories they have brought to light. Not sure if you remember Charlie Miller or me,Dave Myers,radio operator and Miller was my shadow and best friend. Always seem to be in the thick of things together and we had each others back. We made it Okinawa and were with 1/9 until we went back to the world in March 1970. I lost track of everybody until seeing your photos online,what a shock that was. Any information on him or others please drop me a line…..Thanks

    • Hello Myers

      I hope you recall me. Last Ramirez. I remember old Reed. How is he doing, I hope he’s find. I have a photo of both of you, as we were humping along a mountain ridge line, I believe you got a toy rabbit strapped to your helmet.

      If you would like, I will send you a photo copy of it. Just provide with your address.

      Well, it’s know you’re doing, and Thomas did good the photo documentary.

  4. june 6 ,1968 was an operation called L Z LOON. “charlie company is having a reunion in North Carlino around june 1 2017. there may be Marines there that knew your brother

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