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    • Would like to fined any marines that was with me on lz loon June 4th up to June 7th 1968 Charlie and delta. Company. Was beat to hell and back on that hill but never gave up cell number 321 408 6234

      • Are you in touch with Byron Moore? His father in law, Harold Wilson, hosts C Co reunions each year. Let me know if you need more info. I’ve met these guys, I know they are continually looking for C Co Veterans, like you brother. Semper Fi!

      • I was in delta on loon. I was the squad leader for 2nd plt 1st sq. I read jack McLean book every year but think about it daily. I guess getting old gives us too much time to reflect on our youth.
        Dick sabourin

  1. Greetings to those of you that served in Viet Nam during 67?? DOES ANYONE RECALL AN OP CALLED “Cimberland or Cumberland Gap? Period of time should been August or June or even July 67????

  2. Hello. I am Carl Bennett, 81 Mortar Plt, H&S Co. , 1st Bn, 4th Mar, 3D MarDiv
    Arrived in country in 10/1968 – 03/1969.
    I was on hills LZ Neville, LZ Aragon, LZ Hill 10, and then I was transferred to 4th CAG,
    Quang Tri. I remained in the Corps until
    11/1987. I went to work on the railroad in
    Minnesota. Spent most of the next two years grinding track in the Frazor Valley of Canada. In 08/1990, I was recalled to active duty and in 01/19991 I was sent to Saudi for staging.

    My phone number is 254-723-6155. I do not hear well so leave a voice msg and I will get back to you. Looking forward to some old friends.

    Carl Bennett

  3. Hi Carl
    I do not know you but I was on LZ Argone in 69 and watched you morter the hell out of the food palets that missed the hill top. just trying to find a few pards from that time to reflect on the first week on Argone…

    • Well the 81s sure put out a lot of short rounds on lz argon I was with delta co.@st plt I know we sure jump into hell on that lz my name is. David Bobbitt if anyone remembers me would be nice to hear from some of the guys. My cell number 321 408 6234

  4. Hello Tom, We used to fire at anything…. Can not say your name is rings a bell, but I was on Aragon twice. Oct 68 – Dec 68 and again in Mar of 69 when we lost the Col during the assault re-taking the damn place… I was attached as forward observer and then the 5th gun team got blown away when they tried to set the base plate without checking for booby traps…. Two days after that I was pulled to support Charlie Company on Hill 10… Where Cherry Charlie lost their cherry… that was the worst month I spent in 1/4…. Kilo Company came across Chopper Ridge to pull our bacon out of the fire…. I left 4th Mar. for 4th CAG out of Quang Tri Cidael until I was Med-i-vac in July if 69…. Came back and extended twice until Oct 70.
    That is the bulk of it….. How are you doing in life???? I retired in 87 and was pulled back in Aug 90 to Aug 91 for Iraq … Was released after we got the oil wells under control….
    I am in Waco, Texas…. Where are you ?????
    How are you doing in life ???? I do some traveling so if you are free maybe we can arrange a get together ….
    Carl Bennett.


    Thanks for letting me know you are still out there on watch …. I will sleep better tonight… USMC Brother

    • Carl do you remember. Steve Leahy. He was facing man with. Delta. Stveve and became good friends I know he was a dam good fax man sure would like to hear from him. A few years back I talk to. Sutter. Tippon he was delta 1st plt radio man if know of these guys please let me know

  5. Hey you all just fell into this web site….I remember LZ Argone on to well 68-69 ..
    LZ Russell, LZ Mac..All of that and the A Sha Valley. Every time I think about that area I get a cold chill. There were several others to numerous to recall.
    What I do remember is that as replacement Devil Dog you were expected to jump..
    “The Nature Of The Animal”….Oh I do however remember a fella “Rat” Vassell” or as he was better known as “Rat Bastard” Lost some sleep over that guy. Always running the watch up during a night watch…
    David G. Sayre 1/4th A. 1968-1969 Seems like a 1000 yrs ago.

    • Mornin’ Marine,
      I was also with A 1/4 during the time you mention in your post. I joined the Company in April of 68 left in May of 69. I want to let you know that Marines from A Co, mostly from this time period, have been getting together for reunions for 16 years now. We do our best to locate new guys but it’s always been hard. We’ve had a couple reunions in D.C. that were really well attended, 50 or so vets. We would love to see you there. Next year’s reunion will be in Nashville, Tn. I live in Norman, Ok, where are you? If you like you can contact me at rdclem49@icloud.com , I’ll always check that, or my cell is 405 255 4008 , I sometimes answer my phone, (hate phones). Anyway, yeah, get in touch brother, it might just make your day.

    • David, This is John Ruble (JoJo). Do you remember us sitting around talking on a LP and if I remember correctly you wanted to be detailed to Washington DC. It was either on Russell or Mack. If so I can be reached at IFD12@sbcglobal.net
      Would like to hear from you.

  6. Where are you guys home based out of ????
    It feels great to hear from you but I feel like where are all the other guys ….. Thanks for answering back …. Sometimes it is so lonely out here . I do not drink so I go to none of the service clubs or bars .
    Miss you guys !!! Carl

    • Real. Nice to talk to some. One who served on the same p.s. as I did was great feeling to talk to you. Carl sure brings back members. Semi my friend

  7. thanks David
    I joined up with D company in jan 69 at Vandergriff. I am looking for Delta co guys that were with me that day. Quincy,Dooley,Joe Hurpel,

    thanks Tom

    • Hello. Tom I was with. Delta 68 to. 69. Was on lz loon that was first battle one I will never forget and was a bunch more. Then we hit lz Argonne. Mar 69 another battle I’ll never get out of my head was in 1st plt 1st sq.was the sq leader do you remember. Ronnie Rodriquez. Was my 1st team leader was a hell of guy then there. Tippon we just called him. Tip was the plt radio man. Voss was the m79 man big boy he could put one in your pocket while you was running. Smity was guns. Got his nose broke and lz Argonne well if you remember any of these guys let me

  8. hi Carl
    I was medevac out the day we blew the bunkers on arggrone. I was wounded in the same mortar attack that killed the Col. I was there the entire time from the initial assault to the day we walked down the hill. I help load the gook bodies in the helicopter that we pushed over the side and burned. what I’m trying to do now is just to re-create that two weeks and to get it down on paper is much as possible so that it can last as a testimony.
    I didn’t have time to make lasting bonds, as I was medevac out to Quang tri, got in a knife fight with a guy in the rear, cut him six ways from Sunday, and was immediately medevac edto Yokohama Japan. it was determined I could never return to Delta company, my number was up because I had cut this black boy really bad. I chose not to stab him, I just cut him deep.
    my life would not be worth squat in the rear or in the Bush, so I left Delta company forever.
    anyway I wouldn’t mind contacting some of the guys from Delta company especially those in the initial assault with me. I was with Ernie when he caught it in the face. I was with Doc when he got shot, I was right beside him.
    all I want to do is to create a realistic evaluation of our two weeks there for my kids and those who will read about it in generations to come.
    I was fortunate enough to return to Vietnam last year and made a complete tour of the country, very enlightening.
    I am a retired general contractor and I’m now spending the winter in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. I usually stay gone out of the United States during the winter months as conditions in Oregon usually deteriorate cold and then freezing. I like Asia and have been all over. I am as healthy as a Clydesdale, I’m 68 and is still going strong. no real problems except a bad attitude adjusting to civilian life.
    all I send out now over the airwaves is peace and love to my friends and people that were with me in proximity in March 1969. I knew a Carl, he was from California I think orange county, is that you?
    like I say my time was very short with Delta company and any response is extremely appreciated .
    stay strong, livelong…… Tom H

    • Hello marine I was. Delta co. 1st bal.4th marines I was on plz argon was the sweet leader 1 plot 1st sweet we took out the snipers that was the bunker that opened up on us lost three marines and corpsman. David. Ovetstreet. Remember that he’ll hole for sure. My mos was 0311’8541 scout sniper took training at camp Pendleton. Then went to staging. Met up with my brother in law there.we ship over together he went to the rock pile I went to. Carroll then to delta 1-4 we only with them for four days then where loading Togo to place called. Law loon st battle I was in lost 41 men on that. Lz out Charlie and delta co. Everyone was wounded on. Oz loon w delta got into hand to hand combat early morning the got in our line sorry I have stop for now

      • David
        Jeff Swanson here. Marine 67-71. Helicopters. Vietnam 69-70.

        Was ia good friend of Norman Beck. He was KIA, 23 March 1969. Patrol near Argonne. From your post it appears you may I have been on that patrol. The reason I’m writing is this: Would you be willing to write to or call Norman’s sister?

        My ph is 5058503339. Jeff Swanson

  9. Hey Tom, I joined my 81 gun team in early Nov when Alpha Co was with us. After Thanksgiving sometime, we were the last heavy support team helo’ed off , Argonne by the army Snooks from the western finger where we used to fire all of the extra powder bags not used during a fire mission by 81’s or the 12th Arty Battery…. We were taken to LZ Neiville from there open that LZ. Then in early March of 69, I was pulled from Hill 10, and teamed up with HQ’s on the Vandergrif LZ and heloed out to the field command HQs of 1/4 and Col S. for the assault on to Argonne. I remember the bombing and naplaming of the area that morning and the various firefightings going on…. then Delta and another outfit I think made the final break through and HQs moved to just below the summit of the old LZ and the command bunker of old arty command and control. I saw the raw damage for the first time of bombs and napalm. The vacums effect of napalm was the most shocking. I remember you guys clearing the dead
    NVA and the madhouse effect of everybody moving, trying to get things secured within our lines. I was busy registering H&I and choke point in the event of counter attacks. I had been hit by something just above my boot
    but Doc was to busy handling the guys who needed him. I decided that I would wait till morning. Surly by then it would not be so hecktic. Boy was I living a protected life in 81’s…. It seemed like nothing was every going to be right again… I never worried about dying or be overrun. But, I did wonder if I would ever be able to find a place to take a crap… I would take a walk and find a spot that was out of every bodies way, and the OP /LP would throw rocks at me…. I found another place and some grunt chambered a round to let me know that I had better re-think my idea. I finally asked were the dump was and moved some junk , dug a small hole
    and let go…. What a relief ….. The next morning was the 6th or 7th I think, and some Marine come over yelling my Med-i-vac number and last name…
    Told me I had 5 minutes to be on the LZ for a bird that was going in for me…
    I never even made it back to my old gun team. I was transferred to 4th CAG in Quang-Tri because I had volunteered for the Civil Program… They had been hit hard at several teams and were pulling everyone in to be transferred to them that had requested the move. I did it to get a 30 days leave period after I did 6 months with them. Little did I know that I would get 30 day leave for 6 month re-up in the Nam, which I had planned on anyway. I stayed over there for an extra year and wanted to stay more…
    I just knew that the Nam was not going to kill me. While I was home on my second detention leave, my brother went over with the Air Force as a
    Air Traffic Control…. My father was career Air Force, so I knew I was staying in the Corps and wanted to re-up in Nam for the tax free and extra 5 grand bonus. Well, I crossed trained to Intell, 0241, and got a 12 grand bonus at that time… I went back to Nam twice more for TDY in the intell business and then went to Thailand when the Mayagus container ship was captured by Cambodia…

    Someday I will tell you more about the 22 years as an active duty Jarhead… The Corps sent me to the Antarctic to march with the Penguins…. My first platoon Sgt in Echo Co 2/28th Mar, (before Nam, I was 17 years old) asked for two volunteers….. Of Course!!! Me and my buddy raise our hands, because it is hump day!!! I will work MT, KP or supply flunky any day instead of humping!!!! He sent us to Cash Sales to be issued two sets and six extra trousers and shirts and covers. (Dress Blues). And for two weeks, Harold and I escorted Miss American contestants….. San Diego,Ca. They did not want anyone with Nam ribbons, we found out later…
    Later with this book, I will try to read some of my memo log books and see what else rattles out of the old memory box.
    I will be making the reunion I am sure. I am ok with crowds I know. US Marines!!! But, I stay away from places that I see people I do not want near me or my family…. Have been to ground zero several times, but I do not go near the enclosed areas or areas that limit my leaving the area.

    • Carl Bennett. I do remember you. My name is Gary L Protenic, known in the outfit as PRO. I was not aware that you were hit on Argonne, but I did remember someone telling me that you had transferred to a CAG unit. How’s things going for you now?


      • Hey Gary, I have gone through all of my memo books and photos. Could not find you. I got some shrapnel across my shin at some point on our second day out during the retaking of Aragonne. Nothing more then a bleeder really but never got it patched up right and took forever to heal. But I was in IIIMAF by then and at language school on China Bach. Had it nice for 30 days. Did you stay with 1/4 your whole tour?
        I used my second six month extension to transfer to 3rd MarDiv HQs Co in DaNang in March 1970. Then in Sept 1970 they said I had to rotate back to stateside for six months before I could do another tour in RVN. I crossed trained into “intell” and got my clearance and went back to Nam on several missions from “Fleet Intell Center” (FIC). Atlantic and FICPAC out of Pearl Harbor.
        What have you been up to?
        I am in central Texas and completely retired with ok health for an old fart. Ride my Harley or gamble at Winstar. Hope to hear from you
        Carl Bennett

    • Hello marine I was. Delta co. 1st bal.4th marines I was on plz argon was the sweet leader 1 plot 1st sweet we took out the snipers that was the bunker that opened up on us lost three marines and corpsman. David. Ovetstreet. Remember that he’ll hole for sure. My mos was 0311’8541 scout sniper took training at camp Pendleton. Then went to staging. Met up with my brother in law there.we ship over together he went to the rock pile I went to. Carroll then to delta 1-4 we only with them for four days then where loading Togo to place called. Law loon st battle I was in lost 41 men on that. Lz out Charlie and delta co. Everyone was wounded on. Oz loon w delta got into hand to hand combat early morning the got in our line sorry I have stop for now

  10. Hello David. You most likely didn’t know me, But my name is Mike Munro. I was attached to Delta Co. 2nd Platoon guns. My arrival in Nam was October 21, 67′, and almost immediately went on an operation to sweep a mountainous area to the Ausha’ Valley. It was here that I experienced my first fire fight. It didn’t last long, but a couple of guys were wounded and I was introduced to the rocket sound and effect of what an RPG could do when slammed in near by wounding a Marine not seriously. I was carrying the M-60 and briefly only got off a few bursts shooting at what I could not see. In fact I never saw any of the NVA.
    After the operation we got down off the mountain and spent the night in an abandoned school house. The months of late November, and December were spent on operation Kentucky up on the DMZ north of the fire break. What with the monsoons, mortars most every night, and some light action, we then marched south and set up at C-2 Bridge south of Conthien. Then it was our turn in the meat grinder. I don’t have to explain all what went on for those that were there. I lost a very good Canadian friend of mine by the name of Calvin Nesbitt. He too was a machine gunner killed NW of Conthien in late February. Being born in Canada myself, we had a lot in common. The Tet offensive cranked up, and so did the fighting. We left Conthien and headed south to pull ambush duty in the Cam Lo district on Route 9. NVA were operating most everywhere and not much time to rest. In late March we found ourselves marching west on Route nine and caught some trucks which took us the the Rock Pile for what seemed a pleasant opportunity to bath in running water at the French Bridge. After a brief stay we boarded trucks and headed up to camp Carroll. It was here I finally received orders for my R&R to go to Hawaii on the 6th of June. I needed “to get out of this place”. My brain housing group needed an adjustment. But…..when the choppers for Delta Company landed and were waiting for us to be taken somewhere, I was under the assumption I did not have to go, and I would stay at Carroll and await my flight out for R&R. Top, (first Sgt) started briefing me about where “we” were going and I interrupted saying that all this didn’t include me. He snapped at me saying I was going and that I only had two men in the fire team. I was to get on the chopper and fly to LZ Loon, spend the night and set up my men and then I could get on a re-supply chopper and fly back out the next day. That was June 6th, 1968. A day I have and never will forget. I was wounded seriously in the head and eventually med-evaced out for triage somewhere. After that I was sent to the hospital ship Sanctuary for ten days. Then on to Yokahama Japan for a few more days. Then it was a trip back home on the biggest Air Force med-evac plane I have ever seen.
    I then spent almost a year at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia . It was there I spent many a month learning how to speak, read, and write most all over again because of my head wound. They discharged me on light duty to Quantico Va. and attached to SDT (school demonstration troops) to assist training Officer Candidates in tactics, weapons and demonstrations.
    It was June of ’69 I was offered an early out. Given a little time to think about it, I decided to leave the Marine Corps mostly because they wouldn’t re-train me for what I wanted, and I didn’t think I could take another tour in Nam. So, I paid the Corps $39.00 in back pay and went home. There are times I regret this but if I did go back and got someone killed just because I hesitated……that I never could forgive myself for.
    This is and was my story of my tour in Nam.
    Semper Fidelis.

  11. Heck of a story Mike. I am sorry you had
    to go through that. I do hope that your recovery was complete and your memories are not haunting ones.
    Will you be at the reunion this year in IN.?
    I would enjoying meeting you. Do you live on the East Coast area? My Son was born at Portsmouth Naval Hospital. I am from Texas and live in Waco.

  12. really great to hear from you Mike. your story is one of courage and honor and you stand tall shoulder to shoulder with American heroes.
    I’m not sure which platoon I was in since I only spent three months with delta co. for before being medevacd to Yokohama and eventually being reassigned to a unit farther south. I was in the squad led by Roy Berryman and stood the lines closest to the finger that was infested with bad boys. I sure would like to touch base with Dooley, he was in guns and with me when Ernie was killed. also Quincy and joe Hurpel.
    as firefights go our landing on Argonne and the subsequent two weeks we were there really was a display of American firepower with artillery and spooky and Jets dropping napalm, never boring never boring.
    apparently our officers had a map of the hill and the holes that were supposed to be there. The holes were there, the only downside was they had been filled in by the massive explosions that destroyed the entire hilltop. we were thrown into a set up that was bound to fail and as a result Ernie went on to eternal glory.
    48 years ago today my brothers……… I can still smell the napalm

    Tom Hodgin

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