H&S Company Nu Guys – 2017

L/Cpl      McTaw, Johnnie, Jr.,      23941 Whittaker Dr,      Farmington, Mi. 48335-3370      H&S Co., 81’s Plt      68/69

One thought on “H&S Company Nu Guys – 2017

  1. L/Cpl Johnnie McTaw, Just saw your post and saw where you served in 81’s !!!!
    I was in the unit from 10/68 to 03/69 , then went to III MAF, 4th CAG.
    Live in Waco, Texas now and you can reach me here or the following
    254-723-6155. Hearing is bad so leave message if I fail to answer phone.
    Will be making reunion this year and hoping to see a lot of you war dogs there
    Carl Bennett

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