4 thoughts on “Button Down Sports Shirt for 2018 Reunion

  1. Hello Marines,
    Will not be able to join you in Utah. Will be in Amarillo with my brother and doing VA stuff with him. Still in Waco, Texas and do want to
    See you guys again, someday. I was 81 mortars from 10/68 to 03/69. Went to CAG
    Program just after we retook LZ Aragon and lost the Col. and a lot of other good Marines.
    Was on the razorbacks when Charlie 1/4 got hit so bad and lost L/Cpl Canada. We were there trying to support what was left Charlie up on the mountain range above a place called Street without joy; I think. All the names and places are getting harder to keep separated.
    Be careful and keep your heads down.
    Carl Bennett

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