6 thoughts on “Delta Company – Nu Guys 2018

  1. Would love to make contact with guys that served in. Nam from Lzloon June 6th 1968 I was with. Delta . company from May 27th untill June 20 1969

    • Larry Bear, Cpl, I was with Delta Co, on LZ Loon 0331 and I was quite busy facing that Napalm that was being dropped close to our lines on the hill in front of us.

      • Larry,

        It’s been a while, I hope you can remember me. I was in your gun team at the start of Operation Kentucky on the fire break. I lost touch with you after the Rock Pile and moved up to Camp Carroll just before LZ Loon. Unfortunately I was shot there and never saw anyone again.
        I hope to see you at the Salt Lake battalion reunion in September. It will have been my fourth and after many years of hesitation, I find it well worth the expense and brotherhood.
        Mike Munro,

  2. Hi Mike I certainly do remember you.Sorry to hear you were wounded. I do not know if I will be able to make reunion. Where is it?

    • Larry,
      The detailes for the 1/4 reunion are posted on the org. Web site. It’s in September at Salt Lake Utah. I would really like to see you there.

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