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  1. Please spread the word via Website, Facebook, Twitter… The below is all about
    helping Veterans but being broadcast only on the Military Channel many could
    miss this, we need your help to inform all…

    Coming November 10, 2013 on the Military Channel a program called Homeward
    Bound, a telethon dedicated to raising funds to help veterans of Irag and
    Afghanistan and any other conflict that has left veterans with PTSD and TBI. It
    will be a four hour event filled with music and educational material from stars
    and celebrities. The foundation that sponsors and created this TV event is
    called Haven From The Storm, and our website address is

    Again, the program will air on the Military Channel and the website tells how to
    find the channel in every area of the country. It will air 7 pm to 11 pm on
    November 10, 2013.

    The goal is to get as many viewers as possible via Facebook Twitter and any
    other means possible to tune and hear our message. The money raised will
    benefit hospitals and rehabilitaton centers around the country.

    It is a big project trying to solve a very big problem. We are reaching out to
    every area that we can. This is a national program airing in all 50 states.

    Thanks & Semper Fi,

    Randy Groff

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