Membership Chairman’s Notes

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  1. D 1/4 Landing at Chu Lai May of 1965 second tour Fox 2/3 July 1967 till Aug 1968. Met old tram leader SSgt Zug at PX in Da Nang. He was later KIA

  2. I was with Hq.Co.4thMarines Sept.67 to Oct.68. I was TAD to “C” 1/4 sometime late July to Sept. 68 on a hill overlooking abandoned KheSanh. I was a radio operator with air team at Camp Carroll, LZ Stud & Calu. This TAD assignment as it was only a few weeks, I don’t know if that qualifies me to be a member of your association.

    • Not sure if my last message got through – yes, Glenn, you certainly can join our association. Under “membership” on the 1/4 website fill out the Web Site Muster, then under “Association Membership” fill out the battalion membership form and sent it to me at the address shown.

      Semper Fi, Kirk Hauser

  3. Glenn,

    Yes, you can become a member of our association. Under “Membership” of the 1/4 website fill out “Web Site Muster” and send it in. Also see “Association Membership”, print it out and fill it in, then send it to me at the address shown. Semper Fi, Kirk Hauser

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